Interoperable Branded Assets For Metaverses

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Metaprints is the gateway for brands to accelerate their presence in numerous metaverse ecosystems in one simple step.

  • Example
  • Responsibility
  • Perks
  • Brand Partner

  • Brand guidelines approval on blueprints and assets. Promotional activity.

  • Presense in Metaverse Brand exposure Cross-audience promotion

  • Metaprints Owner

  • Facilitates metaverse asset development for the brand through dao governance.

  • Creators

  • Responsible for creation of 2D/3D assets in different metaverses, approved by brands

  • Revenue from asset sales Sponsorships from brand partners Exposure for creations

  • Metaverse

  • Responsible for brand partnerships promotion, sponsorships fees

  • Gain new audiences Accelerated brand adoption Faster development

  • Asset Owner

  • Responsible for creation of asset economy in-game

  • Rare brand assets Ownership of branded NFTs

Real Estate


Get rewards through multiple Metaverse asset sales

Metaprints owner earns rewards from branded asset sales in metaverses tied to their metaprint NFT.


Access to exclusive content and sales

Access for branded asset allocation platform by platform basis.

MetaPrints Is The Next Project In The Forj Ecosystem

As the metaverses landscape has evolved, most projects now have user-created metaverses with opportunities to earn.

Following the lead of Animoca on the metaverse expansion efforts, we now have the infrastructure, expertise, and team in place to expand our ecosystem — supporting interoperability innovations in the Metaverse.